First start at being healthy and fit…

This secret is applicable to everybody even pregnant women

I am a size 8 and I have stayed that way for as long as I could remember my family has fat in their Gene’s so I do this every day… With sit-up.

I blend..

  • Cucumber : aids weight loss and is high in nutrients
  • Pumpkin leaves :aids weight loss and is high on fiber and nutrients
  • Lemon : support weight loss and has so much benefits to the body
  • Dates : its externally healthy and tasty for our smoothy. All the above should be blended and taken as a meal or along side with your meal. At look at tremendous results in a day
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I am Judith Benstowe a student who has passion for cloths and health, I believe if you eat well you will shine well and of course your cloths will look better on you. Don’t roll over this stick around for more….I would be sharing with you some helpful tips soon to make life more fun…

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